Pretty Chocolate is a brand as well as a social network platform for everyone. Pretty Chocolate social network is "The Sweetest Place To Say What's On Your Mind". Here at Pretty Chocolate, we value our customers and we are proud of being one of the first social network websites to go beyond the average social network in creating culture. We are honored in creating a company that uses culture online and offline. We are happy to bridges the gap between people all around the world.

The history behind the name Pretty Chocolate was first originally intended for a modeling business and was formed through the idea of self-love. In the beginning the Founder created the name Pretty Chocolate by wanting people of color to think of themselves as the color chocolate and to also think of themselves as being a pretty chocolate. The Founder felt chocolate would reflect a more universal color for people of color and overall, it didn't matter if you were dark, light, or white because chocolate comes in all shades. This is how the name Pretty Chocolate was originally born. Throughout the changes of the company's intentions the name Pretty Chocolate remain the same and now has expanded to a popular brand name and a social network. This is the history behind the name Pretty Chocolate.